U.S. Senate Resolution
109th Congress, 2D Session
Designating June 8, 2006, as the day of a National Vigil for Lost Promise.

Mr. GRASSLEY submitted the following resolution;  which referred to the Committee on
Designating June 8, 2006, as the day of a National Vigil for Lost Promise
Whereas over 26,000 citizens die from the effects of drug abuse each year;
Whereas the damage from the drugs is not limited to drug abusers, the collateral damage from drugs is enormous, and drug abuse costs society over $60,000,000,000 in social costs and lost productivity;
Whereas drugs rob users, their families, and all the people of the United States of dreams, promises, ambitions, talents, and lives;
Whereas drug abuse affects millions of families in the United States;
Whereas the stigma of drug abuse and the cloak of denial keep many individuals and families from dealing with the impact of drugs;
Whereas many friends and families are ashamed to acknowledge the death of their loved ones caused by drug abuse;
Whereas all the people of the United States can benefit from illuminating the problem of drug abuse and its impact on families, communities, and society;
Whereas the futures of thousands of youths of the United States have been cut short because of drug abuse, including the life of--
     (1)  Irma Perez, who suffered and died of an Ecstasy overdose at age 14;
     (2)  David Manlove, who wanted to be a doctor, but died from inhalant abuse at age 16;
     (3)  David Pease, an articulate debater, who died of a heroin overdose at age 23;
     (4)  Ian Eaccarino, a college student who died of a heroin overdose at age 20;
     (5)  Jason Surks, who was studying to be a pharmacist, but died of prescription drug abuse at age 19;
     (6)  Kelly McEnery Baker, who died of an overdose of Ecstasy at age 23;
     (7)  Ryan Haight, who died of an overdose of prescription drugs he had purchase over the Internet at age 18; and
     (8)  Taylor Hooton, a high school baseball star whose life was cut short by steroids at age 16;
Whereas these deaths represent only a small sample of the lost promise that drug abuse has cost the future of the United States;
Whereas law enforcement, public health and research organizations, community coalitions, drug prevention outreach organizations, individual parents, siblings, friends, and concerned citizens are joining together on June 8, 2006, in a Vigil for Lost Promise, to call public attention to the tremendous promise which has been lost with the deaths of those affected by drugs:  Now, therefore, be it
     Resolved, That the Senate--
          (1)  supports the goals of the Vigil for Lost Promise;
          (2)  encourages any families who have been affected by a death due to drugs to visit www.nationalparentvigil.com
          (3)  encourages all young people to choose to live a drug-free life;
          (4)  encourages all people of the United States to work to stop drug abuse before it starts and remain vigilant against the far reaching loss of promise caused by deaths from drug abuse;
          (5)  designates June 8, 2006, as the day of a National Vigil for Lost Promise; and
          (6)  encourages all citizens of the United States to remember the lost promise of youth caused by drug abuse on this day.

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